Payment and delivery

Payment: a valid credit card of one of the world’s credit operations. All credit cards are accepted, as stated on the site. Database transaction is completed only after receiving approval from the collection. If the refusal of any kind was received, the site will update within 24 hours of the transaction on the site.

• The extent that no deal has been approved by the credit card company, performing the transaction will receive an appropriate message from us within 24 of your reservation. For the completion of the acquisition will be required to make the action to telephone a customer service center to arrange the approval of the credit for the purchase. It should be clarified and emphasized, operation will be valid only after obtaining the approval of the credit card company. In such a case, shipping times will appoint only from the approval by the credit card company. If no such certification was arranged within 5 business days of receiving the notice of refusal to the credit card company to approve the transaction, we will be entitled to cancel the order, without any claim that will be the user and / or claim and / or demand against the Company.

• Supply of goods – supply the user products will be registered mail, return receipt requested, through the mail. Shipping charges will be updated on the product page.

• Door to Door Express shipments will be allowed an additional charge of $49 PER transaction.

• The products will be sent within 21 business days of when payment is made only in exceptional cases of personal invitations permitted with a personal message to the user.

• Shipping charges listed are valid for shipments in various countries but may vary from one country to another

• Do not site and / or company responsible for the delay in delivering the product for reasons beyond their control such as force majeure, strikes, slowdowns and other technical problems postal company, and if the user does not collect the product “within 7 days from receipt of the summons to visit the post office.

• Without limiting the foregoing packages which do not reach their destination, due to an act and / or omission of the Postal Authority, will be sent again at no cost. (Package delivery confirmation would be evidence package arrived at its destination)

Responsibility for products sold on the site
All products offered for sale on the site are brand new, in their original packaging and benefit from the warranty and service providers listed warranty came with the product.

Returns Policy
The return and / or replacement products will be made within 7 days of receipt of the product and be limited to a situation in which any product is used and it is kept in its packaging in a situation where it was at the time of its adoption. Notice of cancellation of a transaction shall be in writing via mail or fax. Replacement request is approved by mail or by phone only. In the event of returning a product under the conditions specified coat full refund will be given for the product and only after receiving and checking the status of its use. In this case, the money paid will be refunded less the shipping charges.

In the case of product replacement – replacement will be possible only after receiving the original product and testing it. Replacement product will be allowed once for each product purchased, shipping charges with respect to the user from the company replaced product will be applied to the company.

Intellectual Property
All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the Website “and its services and its content, software, the name of the site design, etc. are self owned only, or of third parties that gave the company permission to use them. The Company owns and / or has rights to use and / or distribution of the names and trademarks of the site and the software, patents and content marketing and site content, whether they are registered or non-registered trade secrets involved in operating the site and the software and the provision of services, site design, the technological involved in its operation, including software, applications, graphics and other files, computer codes, texts and / or other material contained in them.
All information, display, etc. appearing on the website and software, including graphics, design, verbal presentations, logos, games marketing and unique promotions as well as their preparation and presentation of these, are proprietary to the “Company”. Do not copy reproduce, distribute, publish or use any another way the content appearing in them, but in providing prior written permission from the Company and subject to its terms.