Black Silicone Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A perforated black silicone watch strap with intense yellow stitching and eight adjustment holes and simple metal buckle. Porous material completes the casual or street-style look.


A Smartwach365 strap made of perforated black silicone and adorned with warm yellow stitching will make a great complement to a casual look. While mostly liked by men, women who are into street fashion will find the item appealing to them as well.
The advantages of silicon compared to other materials are numerous. First of all, it is a waterproof material, so there is no need to worry about bad weather conditions either in the big city or in the country. When looking at the model, images of extreme sports and urban fashion come into mind. Indeed, bright, unisex, and stylish, the black silicone Samsung galaxy gear 2 neo band provides a stunning accessory for everybody who is passionate about urban fashion and active lifestyle. Take control of your life and grab only the best of it. Be up to date and in time with new experiences with your favourite watch and a trendy strap from SmartWatch365.


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