Stylish Black Band Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A black leather watch strap with red stitching offers you an extravagant geometric solution as an accessory. Three large round holes each of the parts match the irregular chromous buckle.


Black and red go together perfectly at any time. This duo can be used in multiple variations, but the idea remains the same – it is always extremely stylish. A black leather Smartwatch365 watch strap with red stitches around the perimeter provides a unique solution for those two classic colours. A noteworthy element is its chrome buckle with chopped off edges. Three large holes right before the adjustment holes suggest that experimenting is always welcomed.

No matter how weird the details may seem separately, there is no doubt that together they form a truly well-balanced composition. The best characteristic of the band is being perforated and geometrical. A representative of the Modernist movement or any other avant garde artist would surely be happy owning one of those. Indeed, this stylish black Samsung gear 2 neo band appears to be designed specifically for extravagant people who are not satisfied with ordinary things.