A Simple White (A selection of colors) Samsung Gear 2 Neo Band


White plastic strap with a tapered arch strap end makes for an attractive daily wear item. A thin chrome buckle matched by eight adjustment holes proffers a sleek fit to your wrist.


If snow white could choose a watch strap, this would be it. White stands for innocence and purity, and the sheer brightness of this artifact, unmarred by the incorporation of body colored thin stitching makes it a lovable eye candy. Heck, the surface of Smartwatch365 strap reflects so much smoothness that it tempts one to taste the mellowness. The quick, pointed arch termination of the strap end and the slightly wavering shape of the strap near it make this piece a definite style statement. The simplicity of a shiny chrome buckle and two nicely shaped free loops would cause any case body to look good in this strap. The eight adjustment holes ensure that the watch loops around your wrist securely yet comfortably to your liking. All in all, a daily wear simple white Samsung gear 2 neo band that stands up to your own radiance and enhances it further. Buy it for a daily dose of admiration.


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