Azure Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

This is a fitting Azure Samsung Gear S Band for the reliable and responsible person in the room. You can depend on this strap to hold and protect your smart watch.


A deep share of blue, azure is a non-threatening power color – perfect for one who is in the business of calming people and saving lives. Like seeing the sky on a clear summer’s day, the azure color calms a person down and creates a sense of relaxation and order – helping them think and meditate. Azure then definitely matches a person who manages to be unruffled despite the commotion and madness that might surround him: one who can be trusted to weigh the options before actually speaking or making a decision. The Azure Samsung Gear S Band is perfect for that person who other people can count on to take control and make the right decisions in difficult times. However, the decision maker also needs something to rely on and your Gear S strap can be depend upon to adjust to the wearer’s wrists to hold and protect their smart watch.