Black Leather Strap Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A black leather strap with six adjustment holes and a metallic buckle looks elegant on any wrist. The halved composition completed with red stitching adds some creativity to the item.


Slim like a tongue of a snake, this gorgeous black leather Smartwatch365 strap with red stitching will suit every fashionista with a passion for everything unusual. It is not an ordinary flat watch band, but a stylish one which appears as if halved in the middle through the means of a red stitched row. Six tiny adjustment holes continuing the line of reddish threads end with a graceful curve of an arc. Plain metal buckle at the other end is edged on two sides to withhold the overall leanness.
A quite bold designer solution of dividing the strap in two halves makes the item look slimmer and more prolonged. Leanness of the accessory will highlight delicacy of anyone’s wrist while demarcating the line of their hand. This black leather Samsung gear 2 neo band offers strictness with a splash of brightness and contrast for those looking for a unique detail to use in their outfit.


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