Black Samsung Gear S Band

Black Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

Black is a staple in every wardrobe and matches the color of your outfit anytime, any day. This Black Samsung Gear S strap is perfect for the person who wants versatility and reliability.


Some say the color black connotes negativity because it is commonly associated with grief. However, there should be a reason why black is the color of choice of powerful men and women. Face it, black is all things elegant, sophisticated, and dignified. In addition, black conveys authority, control and power. It also gives an impression of character, strength and stability especially when making hard decisions in troubled times. For days where you feel down and doubt yourself, wearing black will definitely give you a boost of self- confidence and provide an impression of self-control, stability and seriousness despite the tumult within. This black Samsung Gear S Band, with its several adjustment holes, adjusts easily to the size of your wrist while protecting and holding your smart watch in place. This black strap will definitely complete the powerful and confident look you are aiming for.