Brown Leather Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A chocolate colored, Nubuck leather strap that tapers off into a smooth pointed arch. Thick, body colored stitching and a chunky, brushed finish metallic buckle complete the casual look.


Leather has the advantage of never going out of fashion. Even though it requires slightly more care than other strap materials, it is worth the effort. Leather has been held in high regard as a manly accessory for ages and will continue to be admired owing to the comfort it provides and the suave mien it projects. Add in a suede finish and you have an eye-catching chocolate Smartwatch365 strap that makes a bold statement with its thick stitching and yet is friendly to the skin. The eight adjustment holes for the buffed, chunky chrome buckle secure your precious watch in place while the two free loops keep the smooth arching strap end close to your wrist. This brown leather Samsung galaxy gear 2 neo band is perfect for a casual day out with friends or an informal night of fun with colleagues. This is one buy you can be certain of cherishing.


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