black leather Samsung gear 2 neo band

Croc Embossed Black Leather Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A Croc embossed leather strap makes for an indelible style statement. This classic black padded strap will get you all the attention a gentleman ought to have without losing out on comfort.


Embossed leather makes an unparalleled style statement. And what better than a croc embossed pattern to start that successful day out. A gentleman’s gathering certainly begs for this Smartwatch365 strap, as nothing gets dressier than this. Welcome this black beauty to your collection and you’ll never face a day when you don’t know what to put on for an outing with your sophisticated comrades. The padding on this item not only imparts a certain allure to it, it also makes the wearer’s wrist more comfortable. Seven round shaped adjustment holes bestow a very snug fit for the chrome buckle tongue and the classic, standard size buckle ensures your watch stays close to you despite the vigorous handshakes you’ll have to endure throughout the day (or night). The two free loops and the short, pointed arch complete the formal look. This is a must-have Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 neo band for the discerning gentleman.


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