Dark Red Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

This Dark Red Samsung Gear S Band is perfect for a powerful professional who wants to exude strength, courage and passion without being too bold and daring.


Black is a basic color for women in business – however, too much black exude negativity. This Dark Red Samsung Gear S strap is just the right pop of color for work – not too bold and daring as the blood red hue but subtle enough to still convey power and authority that black offers. This dark red Samsung Gear S band has several adjustment holes, which will easily adjust to the size of your wrist while protecting your prized smart watch in place so that you can just go on your day making decisions at home or at work. This dark red Samsung Gear S band fits a woman who wants to show depth and perspective in making decisions– not rashness or unpredictability. Despite what might be a hair-raising day in the office, this dark red hue will help conveys mystery and sexiness – perfect for an after-work date.