Green Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

This Green Samsung Gear S strap is perfect for the busy professional like you who needs the color green to provide immediate improvement to stress and creative thought.


In the middle of the day, when you are stressed, anxious and suffering from all kinds of malady like headache and eyestrain, research recommends looking at the color green to alleviate these feelings and instantly feel relaxed. Furthermore, if work requires you to be creative, research has also shown that the color green can help you broaden you creative thinking. Why not bring the color green with you wherever you go? This green Samsung Gear S Band  has several adjustment holes, which will easily adjust to the size of your wrist holding your smart watch in place. You could be anywhere and you do not need to go find a tree or a plant to see green, you would only need to look at your wrist and immediately feel the relaxing power and the jolt of inspiration that the color green brings.