Orange Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

This Orange Samsung Gear S strap is for the girl who has and wants a sunny disposition in life and just promotes positivity and warmth


Studies have shown that the color orange radiates warmth and happiness to people. Its color lends to uplift and rejuvenate the spirit and help recover from a disappointment or setback. However, its flam boy ant and vibrant color is not for the faint of heart – it is especially suited for a person who is full of energy and enthusiastic about life! A person on the go and full of optimism, spontaneity and cheerfulness fits the color orange perfectly! Furthermore, if you need motivation to get moving in your exercise routine or just with life in general, looking down and seeing orange will give you that jolt of inspiration. Owning this Orange Samsung Gear S band, then, suits you as its several adjustment holes helps to easily adjusts to the size of your wrist while protecting and holding your smart watch in place while you can continue to be the enthusiastic and cheerful you!


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