Pink Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

This Pink Samsung Gear S band is a perfect gift for your daughter. The adjustment holes in this strap easily adjust to the size of your daughter’s wrist to protect her Smart Watch.


Girls love the color pink. If their parents allow them to, they could have their whole room in pink. This is probably because the color pink conjures images of all things sugar and spice and everything nice– cotton candy, tulle, flowers, bubble gum, etc. Actually, the attractiveness of the color pink to young women is probably because of what little girls, unconsciously, want to surround themselves. The color pink believed to be the color of unconditional love and understanding, of friendship and playfulness and of inner peace and affection. Furthermore, studies have shown that pink calms and reassures emotional energies – which could be perfect to help prevent your girl’s tantrums and moods. The color pink definitely fits your daughter’s charming and dainty nature and giving her this pink Samsung Gear S strap will definitely put a smile on her pretty face and land you thousands of sweet little kisses