Purple Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

A strap perfect for the royalty within you! This purple Samsung Gear S Band will make you feel feminine despite the long tiring day you have had.


Purple is a feminine color that rarely occurs in nature and people mostly associate this color to royalty and spirituality. Choosing this purple Gear S Strap then enhances a woman’s refined and feminine nature – hardly unruffled by the fuss other people are making over her. The purple color is surely eye-catching; people take notice of such a warm color there by allowing people to momentary settle down in the midst of a chaotic day in the office. These purple straps are also perfect for people who work in the creative and design positions as the purple color encourages imagination and creativity. This purple Samsung Gear S band has several adjustment holes, which will easily adjust to the size of your wrist while protecting and holding your smart watch in place.