white samsung galaxy gear 2 neo band

Simple White Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Band


A classic smooth white strap with a contrasting stitching to highlight the body. The thin buckle and smoothly rounded strap end make it a match for just about any occasion.


Minimalism has retained an ardent following for the last hundred years. And that is more than justified, given the very soothing appearances of the designs it produces. This milky white Smartwatch 365 strap blends the same design principles with a very tempting white chocolate like impression. The pleasantness of the texture, the slightly rounded corners of the rectangular body and the two thick, white free loops all spell charm. The minimalistic look is completed by the slender, polished chrome buckle accompanied by an equally slim buckle tongue. The nine adjustment holes grant the ability to clasp a wide range of wrist sizes, ensuring a tight fit. The abrupt strap end gives it a solid semblance that signifies exactitude. This simple white Samsung galaxy gear 2 neo band is a great fit for a trendy day out, or for that matter, a chick night party! A mouth watering piece indeed. Grab this strap for all the lightness and purity it portrays.


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