Turquoise Samsung Gear S Band

$49.99 $29.99

Because of its sweet feminine feel, this Turquoise Samsung Gear S band is a great alternative to the friendship band gift to technology savvy women.


A blend of blue and green, turquoise has attributes of both colors: Blue represents loyalty and trust while green represents growth and harmony. Therefore, this Turquoise Samsung Gear S strap is a great symbolic gift that you and your best friend may share – a friendship band if you will. The turquoise represents your appreciation of the emotional balance and stability she has helped you obtain in the midst of the troubles you have.

For yourself, focusing on the turquoise color could help you recharge during times of mental stress, refocus when you are nervous, and heighten your creativity. Owning this Turquoise Samsung Gear S Band will make all of these benefits accessible to you and your best friend – more than a simple friendship band in the market will. With its several adjustment holes, this watchstrap easily adjusts to the size of your wrist while protecting and holding your smart watch in place.


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