Samsung Galaxy Gear 2-Band Replacement Guide

Congratulations on your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, the highest tech smart watch on the market today! This watch is the newest available in the Samsung family, and is a great addition to any tech savvy person’s inventory of technological pieces. Highly useful and incredibly versatile, you will be proud of your purchase and your friends and family will be impressed!

galaxy gear band replacemen

Samsung Galaxy Gear2

Though the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 comes with a strong band which from the factory comes in black, brown, gray, or orange plastic, but sometimes there comes a need to change the band to something of a different material either for aesthetic or practical reasons, and luckily for you, the band switches easily and the device can fit any standard 22mm band on the market.

Choosing Your New Band

People change their bands for several different reasons, either simply to match their outfit for the day, because they’d prefer a leather band for daily use, or because they accidentally damaged the factory band and would like to replace it with the same type and color that it came with. Ask yourself what you would like in a new band. Durability? Style? Several in every color imaginable?

Getting Started

Changing the band on your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is incredibly easy and can be done in seconds, meaning your device can be customized for each lock, or you can add your new band to the device as a permanent fixture and not worry about it for years. You will want to have your new band on hand and ready to transfer. Along with the readily prepared new band, you will also want a soft cloth available to turn your smart watch’s face down on, to prevent scratches that can occur on hard surfaces, and will extend the life of your watch face.

Changing the Band

The band is attached to the watch by a spring bar, which you will want to be very careful not to lose. Using a tiny needle, pen, or any sort of metal pointy device that can be inserted under the band and used to push the spring bar in. Once the spring bar is pushed in on one side, you should be able to remove the band from the side of the watch face by maneuvering the band in and up. Be extra careful to set your spring bar aside where it cannot be lost, and repeat on the other side of the watch.

You can then reverse the process of threading the spring bar through the new strap on each side, then inserting one end back into the hole on the watch, pushing gently into, and inserting the second end. Tug gently on the newly installed band to ensure its proper insertion, then repeat on the other side.

Enjoying Your New Band

Now that your new band is installed, you can enjoy it for the rest of the band’s life, or change it again tomorrow to match your outfit. The beauty of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is that there is not limited to the bands you can add since it fits a standard 22mm band, and that means any band you like is fair game to install.

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