Why Smartwatch Bands are a Great Present for Everyone


The smartwatch market has been developing and adapting now for years, with Samsung unveiling the original design for it in September of 2013. Since then, new ideas, additions, and modifications have been utilized to design a plethora of useful smartwatches that can meet the needs of any individual in any walk of life. The innovative technology is designed for convenience, creating an easier and more accessible hardware for being on the go. The devices all feature a very vivid display and allow you to access calls, texts, GPS and other smartphone functions without having your smartphone on you at all times. They also allow users to utilize the sleek touch screen for messages and calls, but to make for even easier access, come with a voice command system that enables a more hands-free approach. Since you can use all of your smartphone functions on your smartwatch, you can make quick runs to the store or even spend days without worrying about carrying your phone with you.


Smartwatches generally run off the new Tizen open source operating system that is used for many smartphones and tablets, allowing easy updates and modifications for your device. Smartwatches anticipate the needs of the user, with easy access to functions that surpass the basic uses of a smartphone, including weather, notifications, and travel times. There is a surplus of options of varying price ranges that give everyone access to one of the most convenient new technologies in the market.


After the unveiling, Samsung released their early models of the smartwatch – the Galaxy Gear and the Gear Live. The Galaxy Gear’s main limitation was requiring the use of a Galaxy smartphone, however the Gear Live allows accessibility from any Android smartphone, making it more convenient for non-Galaxy users. This more basic model has since been reduced in price, making it as well as the Samsung Gear two of the most affordable options available. However, there are many other models that specialize in different areas, creating an ideal option for everybody.


The Gear S


The Gear S allows you to ditch a smartphone altogether – featuring its own SIM card slot, making smartphone connectivity unnecessary. This comfortably curved smartwatch has a 480 x 360 resolution screen. This model is fantastic for anyone who is always on the move, as well as people who work in a fast-paced environment or do not have quick access to their smartphone.


The Gear Fit


The gear fit is incredibly sleek and slim, making it a great option for the fitness mogul. It allows for easy run and bicycle tracking, as well as conveniently allowing access to all your smartphone needs. Rather than carrying a smartphone and a fitness tracker on your run, you can simply slip the Gear Fit on your wrist and have it all in one compact location.



The Gear 2


Unveiled on February 22, 2014, the Gear 2 is a fantastic option for anyone. This was the first smartwatch released by Samsung after developing the Tizen operating system. This featured an integrated music player as well as an extended battery life and heart monitor. The camera in this model was also upgraded to 2 mega pixels and is integrated into the watch itself – an upgrade from the original Gear’s 1.9 mega pixel camera integrated into the strap of the device. This is definitely the best option for anyone who loves to travel or likes always having a good quality camera at hand – without having the extra baggage.


The Gear 2 Neo


The Gear 2 Neo, released with the Gear 2, is a more affordable and upgraded option. The main difference between the two is that the Gear 2 Neo does not come with a camera. This is a good option for people who generally do not use their smartphone camera – as well as people that are on a tighter budget.


Naturally, technology has again been morphed to make our lives easier and smoother. Smartwatch technology allows such convenience and ease that other brands have come out with their own designs. Most people have forgotten their phone at home, and just as many buy accessories such as arm bands, cases, and clips to keep their smartphone at a more convenient location for the task at hand. Now, we have the technology to make smartphone hassles obsolete. The question is, which one best suits you?

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