Terms & Conditions

Any user that fulfills all the conditions listed below, may purchase products through the site

• you may take action on the site, any person who is over 18 and in possession of a valid credit card one of the world’s credit operations.

Site invitation is received and the user will be provided if all the following conditions were met:

• The ordered products are in stock and listed company at the time of booking

• Details of the order have been met fully and accurately for billing and delivery for that associated with the company.

• transaction approved by the credit card company.

Site acquisition
• When making a purchase on-site user will be required to provide the following information: first name, last name, company name, phone, city, zip code, email and payment information. It also gives the user the possibility to record additional identification or shipping invoice.

• Information which may be disclosed for booking a product, service or information, we use solely for the purpose of the task and the tasks derived from it (such as user charges, issuing a receipt, etc.). The information is not transferred to any other party, except as necessary to complete the task (such as credit card company). Information given about the other person to send a gift is used for this purpose only. Email address, which will provide during the use of the site will be used for sending a reply but not for any other purpose, and also we will not give your address to any other entity.

• At the end of the transaction and approval by the credit card company, the user will receive a message with confirmation of the transaction plus transaction tracking number. This certificate will be sent to the email address that the customer entered during the order process.

• By law purchase a missing document, all the details to deliver to the customer at the time of acquisition are exactly as required by the sales types listed in the foregoing, in addition to other than the cardholder’s ID provided at time of booking.

It should be clarified in any language: providing false personal information is a criminal offense. Responsibility of the user to fill in personal details are accurate at time of booking all types of purchases.